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Four Perfect Strangers Embark on a Multi-Sport Expedition Route to Experience the Highlights of the Torngats Region

July 2024
~11 Days

Mileage: ~230 km
(144 miles)


This summer, a team of experienced adventurers will embark on a journey to a remote and beautiful area; The Torngat Mountains in Northern Labrador and Quebec.

This expedition is a multi-sport paddling, climbing, and hiking project through the ancient and diverse landscape of Northeastern Canada. Beginning at the foothills of the Torngat Mountains in Kuururjuaq National Park, paddling the white water Koroc River down the valley to Qurlutarjuq Falls, and hiking back through the Koroc Plateau into Torngat Mountains National Park to paddle and document the Palmer River before rejoining the Koroc River, by climbing the saddle route alongside Mount Caubvick (Mont D’Iberville), the highest point in Mainland Canada east of the Rocky Mountains. The final destination will be the end of the Koroc River, at Kangiqsualujjuaq.

This expedition is unique in that it is combining three distinct, human powered travel modes, to experience the rare highlights of the area, which would otherwise be multiple lengthy and costly expeditions, very few of which have ever been completed in modern times. Evan is an experienced traveler and videographer, with many documented trips of his adventures. He is well known through his local paddling and outdoor communities and is a proficient flatwater and whitewater paddler. This expedition will enable Evan and the team to promote and celebrate the exciting cultural, environmental, and historical importance of the remote Canadian wilderness their team will be exploring. They will leverage their social media platforms to create awareness of the geographical importance of these areas while promoting and guiding the public to learn more about the importance of learning through outdoor activities, adventure, and motivate Canadians to spend more time outside.

The Team

Due to the nature of this route, the team was to be comprised of individuals with specific skills, all with a baseline of extreme capabilities that included advanced paddling, physical endurance, and exposed climbing talent. In order to assemble such a team, members had to go outside their typical expedition partners and look to the community for volunteers who would fit the requirements. This lead to a team that has been deemed, 4 perfect strangers. While they are aware of each other through the expedition channels, they are by no means lifelong acquaintances. The team has been meeting regularly to ensure that their personalities, while important to be strong and confident, do not infringe on the general theme of an expedition, which is teamwork.

The Gear

Another unique aspect to the trip is the type of gear to be used. In order to experience the highlights of the area, the team must be flown in to a remote airstrip with limited capacity. They each must dawn full cold water paddling gear, boats, coupled with the task of both traverses and climbing long exposed foot routes through the mountains and valleys. All this while being self sufficient and safe in extreme environments.

The Risks

The physical challenge of the route is in itself a large risk, adding to it the remote nature of the area. They will be prepared for self rescue in all activities and trained for gear repair, team assistance, and conflict resolution. All decisions will be made as a team with the only consideration of success to be a team success.

While all members have extensive experience with wildlife encounters, certain portions of the trips will be in apex predator country, most notable, the polar bear along the Palmer River valley. Their primary plan, will always be avoidance, performed by staggering sleep schedules and prepared to pack up and move to safe ground at the first sign of danger.

The Route

This expedition is focused on the highlights of the area. This includes the Koroc River in it’s entirety, the Palmer River and Valley, and the saddle beside Mount Caubvick (Mont D’Iberville). This unique route will cover all three of these areas, whereas in the past, without the benefit of a multi-sport strategy, would be done as 3 separate expeditions.

More Info

As the team meets to discuss and continues to plan and verify aspects of this expedition, this landing page will be updated to share our unique adventure.