Suluk 46 is Engineered Backcountry Gear, made by Steve Evans in Toronto, Canada.
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We’ve compiled a list of your most frequently asked questions for your convenience. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, send us an email or get in touch through our social media.

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    Nasak Hat
    We've got answers.
    Is your gear suitable for the average backpacker?

    Very good question. All Suluk 46 products are suitable for everyone. Suluk 46 specializes in products designed for backpackers who are equipped with responsible handling technique. ie. don’t let people step on them or your dogs bury them in the garden. However, if you are just venturing into the world of backcountry exploration and familiar with such responsible handling techniques, you might as well get started on the right foot.

    Can you recommend some gear for someone who is looking to enter into the sport of backpacking?

    I enjoy helping people as much as I can and I will always try to be as helpful as possible in all inquiries regarding gear. However, it is important to realize that I do not use very many products that one typically finds in some of the more popular and common outfitters (MEC, REI, etc.). Therefore, I am usually of very little help when it comes to products found there. In recent years I have used only the lightest gear available on the market and will continue to do so. It is this line of products that I am intimately familiar with and the most knowledgeable about.

    I saw under ``Adventures`` that you have completed a hike that I would also like to do, can you help me plan it?

    Yes, of course, that’s why I post my trip reports here on the website. If you want any advice or help planning your trip, simply send me an email.

    What type of warranty do you offer on your products?

    This is a small business where I build, pack, and ship all the products. In this small industry, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. Therefore, I want to ensure that what I am providing is at or above your expectations. I offer a warranty of 1 year against material and manufacturing defects.

    What is your return or exchange policy?

    You can always purchase and return an unused item within 30 days for a full refund of the product cost, assuming it is in unused/new condition. Once we receive the returned item you will be sent an email with your refund information. Your refund is usually cleared within 1-5 business days. Your refund is made directly to the same card the purchase was made from.

    Is my credit card information safe?

    Yes. For your security, no credit card information is stored.

    Will I be notified when my items have been shipped?

    Yes, you will receive a notification of the shipping status to the email address that was entered at time of purchase.

    Where do you ship?

    Everywhere! Shipping costs are calculated automatically upon purchase.

    When can I expect my items to be shipped?

    All in stock items ship within 1-2 business days. Built-to-order items are shipped within 10 business days.

    Is express shipping an option?

    Assuming I have the purchased item in stock, absolutely. Please send me an email to work out the details and approve any additional shipping costs.

    How do I keep up-to-date on all Suluk 46 gear and promotion updates?

    You can follow the Suluk 46 social media accounts:

    Instagram: Suluk46
    Facebook: Suluk46
    Twitter: Suluk_46
    YouTube: Suluk46

    Is your website in USD?

    The website currently sells in USD. This is for ease as we have a global customer base. If you would like to purchase in your residence currency, you can send us an email and let us know. We will prepare an invoice in the currency of your choice.

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