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Ultralight titanium tent tube stake (sold individually)

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Every once in a while, a company has the confidence to manufacture something so specialized, so unique, that it is unparalleled in performance by any other. Introducing the Tupiq Titanium Tube Tent Stakes. Each one is hand made and built to order, delivered directly to your door for only the most advanced adventurers, ready to cut pack weight, allow faster and further expeditions throughout the unknown remote areas of earth. I have personally been using these since 2020 and am bringing them to market due to demand.

They are manufactured using the thinnest titanium tubes available. They are full sized at 1/4″ in diameter, 7.5″ long, and weigh just under 7 grams each (6.8/6.9 grams actually). The one piece design is achieved by hand flaring the top end, and chamfering the insertion end, with each of the top and bottom plugged with a plastic insert. Set the titanium tube tent stake at an appropriate angle so that the guy-line sits and is locked below the flare.

Before purchasing, please understand that these are sold individually. There is not a tent stake on the earth that boasts a higher strength to weight ratio. Used appropriately, you will never need to purchase another set, and it is doubtful anyone will be able to match the performance of these stakes unless alien technology is brought and released to us by space explorers. These are not the lightest titanium tent stakes, nor are they the strongest tent stakes. They DO have the highest strength to weight ratio of any other titanium tent stake, but because it is designed at the limit to perform in the highest possible fashion, care must be taken during use. If you are using them in rocky ground or extremely hard ground, one must be cautious while using a rock, hammer, axe, or similar device to insert into the earth. Strategically tapping them into the ground is fine, while the stakes are extremely strong, they can and will bend from a good beating if jammed up against something under the ground.

A very good combination is using these as the primary guy-line anchors and coupling them with our Atani Titanium Tent Stakes on the tertiary guy-lines.

These tent stakes are sold individually
7 grams per tent stake (6.8/6.9 grams each actually)
1/4″ diameter
7.5 inches long

Remember, these are not a stocked item, built to order and will need several weeks to obtain material, manufacture plugs, and assemble before shipping.


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