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Ultralight Collapsible Titanium Backcountry Hibachi

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The Kanga Titanium Hibachi is designed for use as a standalone backcountry cooking system for multiple pots, grilled meats, veggies or any combination of them. Fill the fire bowl with wood, coal, and any other burnable component and then boil water on one side, grill a steak on the other, fry up some bacon, the options are endless! Made entirely of titanium, and collapses down flat to disappear into your pack.

The benefits to the Kanga Titanium Hibachi are:

  • Grill Size – This is a full size 5″ x 12″ grill for cooking of multiple items or multiple people at once
  • Cantilevered Grill – allows you to feed full sized fire wood into the front without the need to feed it from the side or into a small inlet
  • Wind Blocker – Place the high back of the grill towards the wind for protection from the elements
  • Vented Side Grate – allows air flow in to let the fire breath while keeping sticks, twigs, and wood from falling out
  • Side Support Bench – allows the firewood to be placed on the bench, reducing suffocation of lower burning logs
  • Dual Cylindrical Meat Adaptor (DCMA) – allows the placement of hot dogs or sausages on the grill without the risk of rolling off
  • Removeable Grill Top – by utilizing the 3 grill rods, and inverting the DCMA, you can place the grill only across a firepit to cook with in a traditional style


Assembled Size: 12.5″ Wide x 4.75″ Deep x 6.75″ Tall
Total Weight of all components: 220 grams (7.6 oz.)
When using the top grill on a firepit, without the sides and fire bowl, the 5 components weigh 57 grams (2 oz.)
If you leave the dual cylindrical meat adaptor behind, you will save 13 grams (0.5 oz.)

Here is a video of me testing the prototype:


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