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Ultralight welded, flexible, titanium backpacking windscreens. Made of 0.003″ titanium with a welded seam.

Small: 4″ Diameter x 3 1/2″ Tall
Medium: 5″ Diameter x 4″ Tall
Large: 6″ Diameter x 4 1/2″ Tall

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UL stove systems in the form of alcohol or solid fuel suffer a great deal when exposed to even the slightest breeze. These ultralight titanium windscreens are perfect for protecting your stove system from the natural elements seen in the backcountry.

These windscreens are different than others out there. They have a fixed height and diameter and are slipped overtop of your pot and stove as opposed to “wrapping” it around your stove system. They are constructed from a single piece of titanium foil with a folded connection that is then re-enforced with several miniature spot welds placed down the seam. This creates a permanent circular windscreen that is ultralight, super stable, and cannot be blown over or away during use as it will simply be forced against your stove system. The bottom of the windscreen is profile punched several times to allow air flow.

Storage of the windscreen is as simple as loosely rolling it up and inserting it into your pot as shown in the picture above. This titanium foil is very springy and will resume it’s circular shape when removed from your pot. It is this unique characteristic that makes this product possible.

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