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SILVER ARROWS – Titanium Multitool Collar Stays


As seen on our successful Kickstarter Campaign:

Inside every modern professional, is a backcountry adventurer. One that should always be prepared. Introducing  Silver Arrows – titanium, multi-tool, collar stays, brought to you by Suluk 46. These aren’t your average collar stays. They contain 12 different tools, are made of Grade 5 6AL-4V Titanium, and slip easily into the collar of your shirt for easy access. These won’t rust, won’t break, won’t bend, and you can wash your shirts with them still inside the shirt collar pockets.

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Titanium Multitool Collar Stays, available in 3 different lengths, or as a 3 pack with one of each size, and an optional stand. Contains 12 tools and functions.

Bottle Opener
3 Hex Wrench Sizes
Staple remover/Pry Bar
Metric Ruler (5mm increments)
Rope Pull

Lottery Ticket Scratcher/Flathead Screwdriver
Toothpick/Nail Cleaner
Imperial Ruler (1/8″ increments)
Box Cutter
Screw driver

1x Pair of Silver Arrows (small): 2 1/4″ Long
1x Pair of Silver Arrows (medium): 2 1/2″ Long
1x Pair of Silver Arrows (long): 2 3/4″ Long

1x Pair of Silver arrows (any length): $16.00 USD
3x Pair of Silver arrows (1x small, 1x medium, 1x long): $43.00 USD
3x  Pair of Silver arrows (1x small, 1x medium, 1x long) plus 1x Tri-Stand: $62.00 USD


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