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Ultralight titanium adjustable diameter windscreen.


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The Anuri Titanium Windscreen is your ultralight solution to protecting your stove and pot from wind while cooking in the backcountry. It is designed to enclose your pot and stove, blocking the wind, which then allows faster boil times using less fuel. The proprietary locking tab system allows diameter adjustment of the windscreen so that it may be used with a variety of differently sized pots.

The Anuri Windscreen comes in 3 different heights all measuring 22″ in length (and a 0.003″ version or a 0.002″ UL version):
Short: 3.5″ (16 grams)
UL Short: 3.5″ (11 grams)
Standard: 4.25″ (19 grams)
UL Standard: 4.25″ (14 grams)
Tall: 5.0″ (23 grams)
UL Tall: 5.0″ (17 grams)

All sizes are the same length and have the same 11 diameter adjustment settings: 6.5″/6.0″/5.5″/5.0″/4.5″/4.0″/3.5″/3.0″/2.5″/2.0″/1.5

Diameter Adjustment: The Anuri Titanium Windscreen has 11 diameter configurations. To adjust the diameter of the windscreen simply squeeze the tabs out of the locking slots and slide them into the desired position. The material has a natural spring to it, which keeps the tabs locked snug once inserted.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 55.88 in

Short: 16 grams, UL Short: 11 grams, Standard: 19 grams, UL Standard: 14 grams, Tall: 23 grams, UL Tall: 17 grams


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