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Description: Ultralight multi-piece collapsible titanium backpacking grill


Packed: 11" Long x 3/8" Wide x 5/16" Tall
11" Long x 4 3/8" Wide x 3/8" Tall

Weight: 38 grams (1.36 ounces)

Options: None

Price: $65.00 USD

There are times when a freeze dried meal just isn't going to cut it and the need for a real meal is a must. Regardless of what is on the menu, no one wants to lug around a giant grill to cook it on. The solution; a multi-piece ultralight titanium backpacking grill that weighs almost nothing and packs up to almost nothing.

The Manak titanium backpacking grill is assembled and positively locked together using the Suluk 46 Flexlock system, relying on the high spring rate of titanium to keep it rigid when the cross members are snapped into place. Located along both the grill legs and grill cross members, are coarse ridges designed to stop your food from rolling off your grill while in the backcountry.

When the bar-b-q is over, and it is time to pack up your grill, the ultra fast cooling titanium will dissipate heat faster than steel, and when the cross members are snapped out of place, the grill packs up into a long narrow package, easily slipping into the corner of you backpack.