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After scouring the internet for a truly ultralight snow stake that had an acceptable weight, it became quite clear that I would need to build my own. These are designed to be 0.5 oz each, so you can carry 4 for 2 ounces. Supplementing your 4 snow stakes with hiking poles, ice axe, and/or snowshoes should allow you to stake out any shelter in winter conditions with a minimal weight penalty.

To use these snow stakes, find an area of snow which is large enough to accommodate your shelter. Using your feet/snowshoes, stomp down the snow to compress it. Give it some time to "set" and harden, then erect your shelter using the snow stakes. Throughout the evening and night, the snow will harden around and through the holes in the snow stakes.

Revision 3 of the Titanium Snow Stake is slightly longer than the previous version and incorporates a couple of ground breaking features to allow for improved snow holding. The first is the thin handle at the top. This is designed to allow the user to insert the snow stake deeper in the snow. The top of a snow stake handles less of a load than the bottom and therefore a larger section on top is not required. The second feature is the cutting edge t-wrap located just below the handle allowing you to loop your guyline around, and feed it down to the bottom of the snowstake. This guyline path allows for stronger holding by pulling on the bottom of the snow stake where the strongest, hardest snow will be encountered.

Description: Each Titanium Snow Stake has it's profile cut with a waterjet machine. The stake measures 6.5" long, 3" wide, and made of 0.016" titanium 6Al-4V sheet. The stake is bent on a 10* angle, 3 times, equally spaced along its width for extra rigidity. The finish is hand sanded to remove burrs and sharp edges.

Weight: One Titanium Snow Stake weighs 0.5 oz (14 grams).

Options: None available for this product.

Price: $90.00 (USD) for a package of (4).

Shipping: I will charge you the actual shipping cost. Estimates for shipping are $8.00 (USD) for anywhere in North America and $15.00 (USD) to most other countries. Please contact me with your address for a more accurate price.

Is this product for you? If you are asking yourself this question, then maybe it is not the right snow stake for you . The new design (R3) of these has taken snow stakes to a new level. Cutting every single gram out to become the worlds lightest snow stake. The 3 vertical bends give the snow stake it's rigidity but only in the corresponding direction. To give you an idea of it's structure, you can bend these with your hands. These are snow stakes and not ice stakes. If you are looking for standard, heavy, and big snow stakes, please look at the ones available from REI or MEC.