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"It made my previous ultralight axe feel like a tank and it is a piece of gear art. Since then, it has been my faithful companion on every non-technical climb or scramble.... I LOVE this tool."

ATC50 cm
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Description: Ultralight titanium and carbon fiber ice axe

Specifications:Titanium head & spike/carbon fiber shaft

Weight: Depends on length, please see options below

Options: Available in 5 standard lengths

50 cm ~ 130 grams (4.5 ounces)
55 cm ~ 135 grams (4.7 ounces)
60 cm ~ 140 grams (4.9 ounces)
65 cm ~ 145 grams (5.1 ounces)
70 cm ~ 150 grams (5.3 ounces)

Price: $175.00 USD

The TiCa Ice Tool is the lightest way to cross high country snow fields. It was inspired by traditional hill walking axes, but built with modern ultralight materials. It provides more stability on low angle snowy terrain than trekking poles at a fraction of the weight of a certified ice axe. The tool was developed in the Backpackinglight forums and is built in Toronto, Canada. The TiCa Ice Tool is not a replacement for a UIAA-certified ice axe on technical terrain and should not be used where life or safety is at risk.